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Teamwork and good ideas

Summer Summits: Why Not Start One?

The quiet summer period is a great time to take stock of how you are doing as a team, as a business center, as a competitor in your community.


Ugly Artwork and Worn Out Interiors: Sign of a Deeper Problem?

The conversation relates back to an article by Jo Disney on the benefits of displaying local artwork upon business center or coworking space walls. The question is why more business center owners and operators aren’t doing it. Not only does fresh artwork add a vibrant touch to hallways and furnishings, but it broadcasts a sense of connectedness to local talent within community. Why indeed? It makes so much sense, there must be a reason. Yet, after doing some research, I’m beginning to suspect that the reason has more to do with a lack of creativity, resolve and energy than it does with lack of availability of the artwork itself.


New Year, New Attitude

Consider the fresh New Year ahead of you. It’s waiting for something fresh and new from you.


Are you Partnering With Coworking Owners?

Here’s food for thought. What if you partnered with coworking space operators, and let them provide space for fledgling businesses before recommending them to your center once they’re ready to upgrade?

Aha moments

What is Distracting You?

Like any business, there are many “shiny things” that can distract business center operators. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to stay focused.