PeopleCube More Companies Will Turn to Business Centers


PeopleCube is making some bold office space forecasts as we head into 2012—and they have everything to do with what you can expect in your business center in the years ahead. 

Among other things, the intelligent workplace management technology provider is predicting that maximizing the efficient use of real estate, resources and energy will be a critical business focus in 2012. This is not a new thought. Alternative workplace strategies have been discussed for more than a decade. But all the predictions from the past years are finally panning out, and it’s taking on various shapes.

The rise of mobile workers is one of the biggest factors in PeopleCube’s predictions. As PeopleCube sees it, management teams will put a stronger emphasis on leveraging flexible space and videoconferencing solutions as part of a broader effort to maximize productivity without raising costs. Telepresence technology will also see adoption to accommodate mobile workers and reduce travel expenses. 

If that didn’t get your attention, this will: As companies strive to use their facilities as efficiently as possible and reduce their overall real estate portfolio, they will make use of variable workspace offered by outside vendors as an alternative to real-estate expansion and to accommodate occasional spatial overflows. Companies will also use variable workspace to eliminate locations such as underutilized satellite offices, so they will pay for space only when they need it.

In plain language, that means they’ll look to lease space from business centers and alternative office space providers. Coworking facilities, shared office space, and executive office suites are, then, not just a recessionary alternative. Serviced office space is the wave of the future, and the future is upon us.

“On average it costs more than $10,000 annually to maintain a single workspace, so the variable workspace model is an attractive alternative to fixed-space leasing,” says John Anderson, president and CEO of PeopleCube. “Swapping in variable workspace to replace a satellite office of, say, 20 workspaces can pay for itself within the first quarter alone.”

PeopleCube has a good track record for hitting on its predictions. So if your business center isn’t ready to accommodate larger companies that need space to grow in, then now is the time to get ready for the inquiries. The business center model’s time has come, and 2012 should see more activity as a myriad of factors intersect in the modern workforce.