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Greater London is home to the most UK startups
Flourishing UK Startup Scene Leads to Rise in London Workspace Occupancy

Research from Search Office Space has found a sharp increase in demand for small workspaces in Central London, boosted by rising startup numbers. Continue reading

Hong Kong
Why Are Large Corporations Flocking to the Asia-Pacific Region?

Research by Instant Offices throws a spotlight on the Asia-Pac region as an area of high demand. Continue reading

ABCN Summit, Ocean Reef Club
How to Get More Value From Your Next Conference

Got your next conference lined up? Here’s how to get more bang for your buck. Continue reading

Back pain
Are You a Struncher, Smart Leaner, or Swiper?

Research by Steelcase reveals just how far workers have adapted, structurally speaking, to new technology. Continue reading

St Louis League of Coworking Spaces logo
The League of Independent Workspaces: Extraordinary? Or the New Norm?

A collective of independent coworking spaces in St Louis shows that there’s strength in numbers. Continue reading

Live chat customer service
Perfecting the Art of Live Chat

An online live chat system can provide an effective customer service tool for business centres. Continue reading

Tenant retention
Business Centers and Brokers: Three Ways to Work Together More Effectively

Jonathan Bachrach of Turnkey Office Space shares his experience of how brokers and business centers can work better together. Continue reading

Government property
UK Government Switches On To “Smarter” Working

The UK government is supporting the flexible workspace concept by relocating thousands of staff to shared workspaces. Continue reading

Green Spaces, Denver
Denver’s Green Coworking Spaces: One’s Driven by Solar, The Other by Cannabis

Meet Denver’s ‘green’ coworking spaces: one welcomes eco-conscious businesses, the other exists solely for the cannabis market. Continue reading