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Coworking infographic (Office Vibe)
INFOGRAPHIC: More Hot Stats on Coworking – Do You Agree?

68% focus better in a coworking space than a traditional office. This, and 10 more reasons why coworking wins. Continue reading

Are you marketing to corporate firms with distributed teams?
Poll Snapshot: Opportunity Missed as Corporate Deals Fall Flat

A poll snapshot by OfficingToday shows that the majority of business centre operators aren’t marketing to large corporate firms. Continue reading

RAAAF - Barbara Visser predicts the end of sitting
Going Beyond Standing Desks: Are We Headed for This?

The business center of the future could become a lot healthier, if this angular new vision is realized. Continue reading

Live chat customer service
Survey Suggests Live Chat is the Best Way to Catch Millennials

Do you ‘live chat’ with customers? New research suggests you probably should. Continue reading

Elevate Coworking, Frisco, Colorado
How One Workspace Operator is Capturing the Attention of Local Skiers

A new trend is igniting: coworking spaces in ski resorts. Here’s how one operator in Colorado is attracting the crowds. Continue reading

Is WeWork a Sustainable Co-working Model?

Now that WeWork has gotten a fresh round of funding, what will they do next? Is their model sustainable for the long term? Continue reading

A New Year and a New Rwanda: A Sparkling New Tech Community is Thriving at kLab Co-Working Space

A New Year and a New Energized Tech Community in Rwanda’s Telecom House Co-working Space Continue reading

Bucharest - capital city of Romania
Could Romania Rival London’s Tech Startup Crown?

With prices in Tech City soaring, startups could soon move further east than East London. Continue reading

How good is your business center lighting?
Office Trend of the Future: Cheaper, Brighter Lighting You Never Thought Possible

A new cost-effective lighting solution could illuminate a world of possibilities for business center and coworking operators. Continue reading