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Working from home - Life of Pix
INFOGRAPHIC: Shifting CFO Mindsets Regarding Remote Working: Is This Good News for Business Centers?

35% of CFOs say the number of remote working opportunities in their companies has increased over the last 3 years. Continue reading

Shrinking Office Space, Loss of Privacy: Are Business Centers the Solution?

Rising costs for traditional office space mean more people packed in small spaces; the solution? The business center model. Continue reading

Cubewing - Progress Height Adjustable desk
Desking for Success: Is Your Office Furniture as Flexible as Your Workspace?

We’re told that ‘sitting is the new smoking’. But is it really pushing people to change their office furniture? Continue reading

UK workstation prices rise
Have Coworking Spaces Become Too Expensive?

Can we accurately quantify the ‘secret sauce’ of many of today’s coworking spaces? Continue reading

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How Safe is Your Social Media Strategy?

From social media blunders to password hacks, OT explores the delicate subject of online safety. Continue reading

Working with background noise
Using Sound to Eliminate Noise: A New Survey Reveals Some Startling Facts

Avanta’s findings on the damaging effects of office noise resulted in the ‘Sound Room’. Is this the future of serviced office space? Continue reading

Galvanize, Denver
The Galvanize Technology Campus Model: Should Business Centers Be Taking Notes?

Galvanize is a growing niche workspace concept targeting technology entrepreneurs across the U.S. Continue reading

Meeting room
What Recruitment Companies Look for in Office Space

What do recruitment companies look for in a serviced office? We hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Continue reading

Email communication
How to Know if Your Customer Service Emails are Hitting the Right Notes

Research finds that tone alone has the power to send your customers packing. Continue reading

Has Hoffice Concocted the Perfect Blend of Structure and Comfort?

Hoffice blends comfy home environments with kick-in-the-rear pressure to get jobs done. Continue reading