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Maker Spaces: Business Centers Providing the ‘Equipment’ for Start-Ups to Succeed

What are Maker Spaces and why are they hotter than ever? Now entrepreneurs and start-ups can move out of the garage and into a well equipped space with all the equipment they need. Continue reading

ClubWorkspace Bankside
Co-Working Isolation? A New Program in the Netherlands Attempts to Break the Ice

An interesting solution to the often isolating experience in a co-working center. How one Netherlands consultant put a program together to get people together. Continue reading

What Mercedes-Benz Did With Their R&D Center: It Looks Like a Co-Working Space, But Is It?

Mercedes-Benz R&D Center in Sunnyvale, California, has created an open floor plan space for its employees to collaborate. The site channels today’s co-working spaces in its layout and abundance of light. Continue reading

New York City
Between State-of-the-Art Sky Scrapers and Historical Legacy Buildings: A Leading NYC Office Space Broker Weighs In

Some businesses believe that a balance needs to be established in New York City between new state of the art buildings and refurbishment of legacy buildings. Is it realistic? Continue reading

Tahoe Mill coworking
A Shift in Mindset? What Co-Working Space Owners Need to Know

Instead of looking at your co-working center to provide all the focus, atmosphere and motivation, we should look inside ourselves. A new book out examines co-working spaces and how we work within them. Continue reading

Terms and conditions
Customers DO Read Your Terms & Conditions: Lessons Learned as Regus Lawsuit Rumbles On

A lawsuit concerning Regus shows just how important it is to scrutinise your terms and conditions. Continue reading

What co-working operators need to know
Think Open Plan Offices are the Most Productive? Think Again

Open-plan workspaces are endemic. But they’re not suited to everyone, and they’re certainly not conducive to high productivity. Continue reading

NextSpace - San Francisco
Is Your Coworking Space on “The List”?

10 of the best U.S. coworking spaces, as voted by Symmetry50. Is yours listed? Continue reading

Non-Profit Funder Makes the Co-Working Rounds Looking for Insight and Start-up Talent

Investors are working from coworking spaces in Detroit in a bid to better understand the needs of startups they want to fund. Continue reading