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Be Honest: Is It Really a Coworking Space, Or a Shared Office?

Some shared offices have jumped on the coworking bandwagon to sell workspace. Continue reading

Impact Hub NYC
Flexible Working Steps Into 21st Century, But Workplace Culture Still Decades Behind

Will workplace culture ever catch up with modern and more efficient ways of working? Continue reading

Orega Sablon Tower, Brussels
Orega Makes a Break for Brussels in International Debut

Orega’s arrival in Brussels next year marks an exciting new chapter in the company’s expansion strategy. Continue reading

What Office Workers REALLY Get Up To During the Working Week

A new study of London office workers turned up some intriguing lifestyle habits. Continue reading

Caimi sound - WOW Magazine
Want to Sell More Meeting Room Space? There is a New Sound in Town

Competition for meeting room space is bringing new technologies into play, not only in visual collaboration platforms but also in enhanced acoustics. Continue reading

Housing conversion development
Are Britain’s Office-to-Housing Conversions Squeezing Out Local Businesses?

A surge in office conversions is leaving some UK towns and cities with a lack of available office space. Continue reading

UK business centre industry contributes £2bn to the economy
True Value of the UK’s Business Centre Industry Revealed

A new report by the BCA highlights the incredible pace of growth within the UK business centre industry. Continue reading

Is the office dead, or just more fluid?
Is The Office Truly Dead? Or Just More Fluid?

A roundtable discussion hosted by The Guardian newspaper kicked up an interesting debate on the future of the ‘office’. Continue reading

SpareChair Connects Unique Spaces to People: But Will the Model Work?

SpareChair Connects Unique Spaces to People: But Will the Model Work? Continue reading