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Business networking
Get Social: How to Follow Up With Contacts After a Business Event

Attended the ABCN WorldView Forum? Then be sure to follow up with other delegates. Here’s how. Continue reading

Computers are eliminating the need for traditional office equipment and storage systems.
Is the End of the Traditional Office in Sight? How Business Center Owners and Operators Can Benefit

Business evangelist Aaron Hopkins gives his views on the future of the traditional office. Continue reading

Kempinski Hotels
Truth in Numbers: Statistics on Customer Service from Kempinski Group at ABCN WorldView Forum

According to Kempinski Hotels, 73% of customers are loyal because of great customer experience. Continue reading

Wellness at work
Want a Healthier Office Environment? There’s An App For That

Do you enjoy office birthday cake a little too much? Now you can count the calories – and more – with these 5 handy wellness apps. Continue reading

Foursquare logo
1.5 Million Businesses on Foursquare: Is Your Workspace One Of Them?

Your business centre could already be listed on Foursquare. Why not capitalise on it? Continue reading

Confused over marketing terminology
Say What? A Handy Glossary of Digital Marketing Acronyms

Thought UGC was a type of footwear? You’re not alone. Check out this handy list of digital marketing acronyms and find out what it really means. Continue reading

Telepresence via an iRobot device
Are Self-Steering Robots the Future of Business Meetings?

It might seem light years away, but self-driving robots equipped with video conferencing technology are here, and they’re very real. Continue reading

Annoying office jargon
Cringeworthy Office Jargon: It’s Time to Take it Offline

Unfortunately, annoying office jargon isn’t dying out. It’s evolving. Continue reading

For Spacious Article
Who is Spacious: The New Face of Start-Up Office Space Finders?

Spacious may sound just like another broker with a twist, but we thought the focus on startups made Spacious an interesting model, putting the business center/coworking space broker concept in a new light. Continue reading

Key to Business Center Success: Happiness

Until recently, the concept of ‘happiness in the workplace’ has been the domain of sociologists and psychologists who are interested in anything that impacts the dynamics human interaction and productivity. Yet, increasingly, perhaps due to the infusion of Gen-Y workers, the notion of happiness as a required component within the workspace has not only caught on; it’s caught on fire. Continue reading