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Empty office space
INFOGRAPHIC: Sensing a Smarter Office – A New Eye Opening Study

Globally, over 600,000 sq ft of workspace is wasted each year. Here’s how sensor technology can help. Continue reading

Schiavello - Krossi sit-stand
Five Key Trends for Workspace Strategy and Change

From serenity spaces to sit-stand work points, here are five hot trends at the cutting edge of workspace design. Continue reading

The Canvas, Hawaii
Coworking Space Of, By, and For High School Students

Hawaii’s first student coworking space is incubating tomorrow’s business leaders. Continue reading

Avanta Joins Regus

In yet more industry consolidation, London-based Avanta has joined Regus UK. Continue reading

Sector specific coworking
Are Exclusive Coworking Spaces Causing More Harm Than Good?

Sector-specific spaces spell good news for coworking, provided there is balance. Continue reading

The office worker of tomorrow?
The Bionic Office Worker (and family) Is Here

Tomorrow’s workers are equipped from head to toe with wearable tech. Are you ready? Continue reading

Biophilic design
The Biophilic Approach: Design Tactics and Stats to Help Sell Your Space

Biophilic design draws on our attraction towards natural elements like sunlight, greenery and plants. Continue reading

Video marketing
Three Ways to Bring Your Video Marketing to Life (and not look like everyone else)

Bring your workspace to life with a fresh take on video marketing. Continue reading

Office colour design
INFOGRAPHIC: What You Don’t Know About Beige Could Hurt You

Bland walls can invoke sadness, while red raises the heartbeat. Choose your office wall color with caution. Continue reading

Classroom design
Why Workspace Design is Going Back to School: Part Two

How to extract the best classroom design elements to enhance your flexible workspace. Continue reading