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Spoon restaurant, host of ABCN's Friday night party
ABCN WorldView Forum 2014: Talking Tech & Vanishing Acts (Day 2)

Day 2 of ABCN WorldView Forum showed business centre operators how to open up new revenue streams. Continue reading

Budapest, Hungary
ABCN WorldView Forum 2014: Opportunities Abound in Our Changing Industry (Day 1)

All the news and views from Day One of the 2014 ABCN WorldView Forum in Budapest, from 9th-12th April. Continue reading

Visionary Meetings - coworking childcare
Coworking Spaces Finally Add Kid Spaces

More coworking spaces are integrating childcare across the globe, offering brighter futures for hardworking entrepreneurial parents. Continue reading

The next step up from coworking
Will HiRise Become the New “Un-Broker” Model For Startups Outgrowing Their Coworking Spaces?

HiRise is a new ‘unbroker’ marketplace targeting startups that are looking to move up in the world of workspace. Continue reading

The ClubHouse in Kontich, Belgium
Using Videos to Tell a Story: Three Creative Approaches

How do you tell YOUR story? Here are 3 more examples of creative coworking videos. Continue reading

The Freelance Revolution

Almost one third of the U.S. workforce is made up of freelancers, and that figure is still rising. Continue reading

Serviced office misconceptions
10 Myths That Are Damaging Business Centres

How many of these 10 myths do you come up against on a daily basis? Continue reading

A knowledge of psychographics could help you to market your workspace
Psychographics & The “Why” Factor: What Business Center Operators Should Know (that many coworking spaces already do)

Psycho…what? A working knowledge of psychographics could help you to better market your workspace. Continue reading

Tel Aviv, Israel - the world's next big tech hub?
6 Emerging Global Tech Cities to Watch

With technology shaping our future, where is the world’s next Silicon Valley? Continue reading

Mobile working
Mobile Learning in the Business Center & Coworking Space: Bring Your Tablets & Smartphones!

We’re living in a ‘mobile world’. How can your business center or coworking space capitalize? Continue reading