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Serviced office space
New Market Report on U.S. Serviced Office Industry

The U.S. business center market is growing. Are you ready for the challenge? Continue reading

Kicks on 66 coworking
Coworking is Cooler than Donuts

Coworking’s cool vibe is fuelling rapid growth. Continue reading

Aston University partitioning (BD Online)
Sliding Doors Open New Opportunities for Business Centre Operators

Flexible partitioning is an agile way to swiftly reconfigure your office or meeting space. Continue reading

Meeting rooms
Why Are Employees Fighting Over Conference Room Space While Your Meeting Rooms Sit Empty?

When businesses need a meeting room pronto, is your business center door open? Continue reading

Floating offices
Floating Offices: The Next Big Thing?

With space at a premium, is building on water the next best thing? Continue reading

essensys Conference - TEC'14
essensys Conference: A Masterclass in Conducting Business

The essensys 2014 Conference brought the power of orchestration to the fore. Continue reading

FIFA 2014 World Cup
And the World Cup for Time Wasting at Work Goes To…

Shocking research shows just how much time workers wasted during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Continue reading

Hong Kong
Banks Turn to Business Centers as Political Unrest Disrupts One of the World’s Major Cities

The political unrest in Hong Kong is pushing firms to business centers in outer-city areas. Continue reading

Battery 621, Denver
How a New Workspace ‘Mash up’ is Hitting its Stride in Denver

What do you make of these planned coworking communities? Continue reading