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Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegas (and its Coworking Spaces)!

Coworking is alive in Las Vegas, thanks to a lot of young entrepreneurs and energetic organizations. Continue reading

Customer service
Customer Service: How to Get it Right

What does customer service look like in 2014? Avanta’s Gerant Evans shares his experiences. Continue reading

The perks of flexible working - avoid rush hour traffic
Less Than 10%

Kevin Winstanley of ip-Xchange discusses the noticeable effect of just 10% less traffic on our roads. Continue reading

ORIONAGROUP Gets Innovative in Challenging Market

Frédéric Vermylen of the ORIONAGROUP in Brussels says independent centres cannot survive in the future. With 30 years behind them, is he right? Continue reading

essensys FC
essensys Versus Avanta on the Battlefield: Who Won?

From time to time, why not meet in places more interesting than a conference room? Continue reading

essensys - Regent's Place, London
Massage and Pool Tables: essensys’ New Digs Spark Innovation

Do innovative spaces breed innovation? Or are they just distracting? Continue reading

Quest Workspaces - 777 Brickell Avenue, Miami
Quest Workspaces Does it Again: Helping ‘Style Saves’ to Serve Underprivileged Students

Quest Workspaces is running an office ‘giveaway’ to help charities in need. Continue reading

Designing workspace for mental health (photo: Brandon Stengel)
Workspaces and Mental Health: Everyone’s Concern

Is your office design hostile to your employees’ mental health? Continue reading

Hubcreate: Can One System Really Simplify the Workspace Business?

Can one system rule them all? Check out this video from Hubcreate to find out how they intend to make life simpler for workspace operators. Continue reading

ZIBC, Belize
Zeus International Business Centers: New ABCN Member and Emerging Belize Business Center Powerhouse

Zeus International Business Centers is a “truly unique” member of the ABCN family and one that’s striving go far beyond the workspace model for the benefit of its clients. Continue reading